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… It’s a Yes Vote!

It’s been 2 months since the same-sex marriage surveys were sent out to every eligible person in Australia, to decide whether gay people in the country, should be allowed to get married. During that time the campaigning had been challenging, with controversy from both sides of the “Yes Camp”, and “No Camp”, however with it finally over, there is now statistical evidence that the majority of Australia supports and are ready for marriage equality.

'On The Line' Sample

'On The Line' is a task senior staff and myself created for National Radio News cadets. Throughout the week, cadets would gather the biggest stories of the week, as well as interviews they conduct in the newsroom, and produce a long form radio package. This was a typically a task for our cadets, however during the times they were unavailable, I would take over. The template we used for this task was the ABC's AM program, however we put our own spin on it, with music and 'feature stories', and thus On The Line was born. This is my own sample of what 'On The Line' is. Whilst there are other journalists and cadets featured in this package, the whole script is my own. These packages were broadcasted every Friday on 2MCE Local News.